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HFR Media

Explore the hedge fund industry through our video collection, featuring expert insight on strategies, market environment, and policy expectations. Learn from experts about the dynamics and complexities of hedge fund analysis. These videos serve as a key resource for both accredited investors and investment professionals interested in timely market assessments from industry experts.

HFR Brief

HFR Brief feature rapid fire insights from industry experts on market conditions, risks, and opportunities. These clips offer an amuse bouche version for our Market Outlook interview series.

HFR Market Outlook

Market Outlook presents industry experts across sectors sharing their viewpoints about past and present performance. These interviews offer accredited investors the opportunity to gain insight from expert analysis of prior performance and expectations of what lies ahead in the short and medium terms.

Market Outlook with Crescent Rock Capital Management, LP

We chat with Michael Marone, CIO and co-founder of Crescent Rock Capital Management, LP about his outlook for the year ahead in equities, and his views on where the biggest risk-reward tradeoffs may lie in 2024 and in the medium term. This interview was recorded on March 27th, 2024.

Interview with George Schultze of Schultze Asset Management, LP

George Schultze of Schultze Asset Management, LP, discusses the market outlook, opportunities, and risks for 2024. Schultze Asset Management is based in New York.

HFR Brown Bag

Coming soon, the HFR Brown Bag series features a quick dive into HFR’s data and index offerings, demonstrating how HFR tracks and analyzes data across sectors. These brown bag discussions make for engaging lunch or coffee break viewing to explore all the resources HFR research and data have to offer.

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