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HFR Dead Funds Database

Access An Essential Research for Long-Term Hedge Fund Studies

Research our archive of the performance, assets and qualitative data of liquidated hedge funds. Spanning hedge fund investment products across a full range of strategies and regions, this is a tool that lets you study long-term trends to better plan for the future. HFR provides flexible options for utilizing the HFR Dead Funds Database, from researching funds using our proprietary analytics and integrating HFR data in leading third-party software to licensing data downloads for use in your own applications.

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Connect with HFR To Subscribe to the Leading Dead Funds Database

HFR Database is available via subscription to Accredited Investors. Talk to a hedge fund expert to explore your options and find the database set that works best for your business.

Please contact HFR for more information on pricing and subscription options.

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How the HFR Dead Funds Database Works for You

Available for license by accredited investors, this database provides unique and expansive visibility into the world of liquidated hedge funds.

Updated Three Times Per Month

Each update includes fund information migrated from the HFR Database due to a fund’s notice of liquidation or discontinuation of reporting.

Comprehensive and Detailed Dataset

Information from over 5,000 investment firms that formerly reported 20,000+ investment products to HFR. It is designed for effective and efficient research usage by investors, managers or service providers.

Designed for Increase Investor Knowledge

The HFR Dead Database is used for examining the returns of liquidated and non-reporting managers during earlier time periods. This information is essential for certain types of long term investment research studies.


HFR IndexScope℠ enables filtering of index constituents by strategy, sub-strategy, regional focus, asset size, performance and more. Conduct your research at your office or take it on the go with expansive mobile compatibility.

Quickly estimate index performance in advance of the official publication date each month. Research the impact of fund assets, identify constituents by firm location and examine performance dispersion.

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About Our Dead Funds Database

Alternative Investments Covered: Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds, Managed Futures, Separate Account Composites, UCITS, U.S. Liquid Alternatives

Fund Reporting Interval: Monthly

Database Formats: Excel, Access and ASCII. 3rd party software compatible data versions are also available.

HFR Database Field Definitions

HFR provides its data to subscribers via our website in Microsoft Excel and/or Microsoft Access formats and is refreshed three times per month.

Explore our native database format to see how your team can best use the research.

See the full database field definitions

Connect With Us to License The HFR Dead Funds Database

Licenses for accessing the HFR Database are available for one year and two year periods. All licensees must qualify as “Accredited Investors” as defined in U.S. securities law.

One time downloads are also available for projects.

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