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Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria are the three core sets of standards for a company’s operations that an investor uses to examine potential investments. ESG criteria can help an investor to avoid certain companies that might put forth a greats financial risk due to its environmental, social, or governance practices.


In order to determine a potential investment in a fund or company based on ESG criteria, investors may look at a wide range of factors. Types of environmental criteria may include issues related to sustainability and climate change and how a company navigates or manages those risks. Social concerns include diversity and inclusion, human rights, animal welfare, and more. Governance criteria could include the structure of management, specific employee relations and compensation as well as executive compensation. There are a wide variety of criteria in evaluation ESG practices, and these only touch on the surface, but more and more managers are incorporating them into their due diligence processes as they see the benefits of making socially responsible investments.

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Examples of HFR Indices that employ ESG strategies are listed below:  

    Monthly Performance for Apr 2024 Annualized Performance
Favorites Status Index Name ROR (%) Index Value YTD (%) Last 12M (%) Last 36M (%) Last 60M (%)
HFRX Alternative Energy Index 0.65 Value blurred out. -0.07 14.61 Value blurred out. Value blurred out.
HFRX Climate Change Index 2.03 Value blurred out. 1.04 2.25 Value blurred out. Value blurred out.
HFRX Diversity Index 0.70 Value blurred out. 3.32 5.23 Value blurred out. Value blurred out.
HFRX Energy Transition Index 2.16 Value blurred out. 1.93 2.71 Value blurred out. Value blurred out.
HFR Women Access Index -0.46 Value blurred out. 3.38 8.06 Value blurred out. Value blurred out.

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