HFRU Indices: February 2020 Performance Notes

02/28/2020 Performance Notes

Global financial markets posted steep losses in February driven by uncertainty regarding the contagion of the coronavirus; US equities posted sharp losses across all indices, sectors and regions Interest rates plunged to record lows on flight to quality, while investors also positioned for additional central bank stimulus measures. Energy commodities posted sharp losses on expectations for reduced demand, while metals commodities were mixed on flight to quality, The US dollar fell against the Japanese yen, but climbed against most Emerging Markets currencies, British Pound Sterling, Euro and Swiss Franc. HFRU Hedge Fund Composite Index posted a decline of -2.11%.

HFRU Event Driven performance declined -0.46%
HFRU Relative Value Arbitrage Index declined -1.19%
HFRU Macro Index posted a declined of -1.25%
HFRU Equity Hedge Index declined -3.01%

Comments reference performance as of February 28, 2020