HFRI-I Liquid Alternative UCITS Indices: September 2021 Performance Notes

09/30/2021 Performance Notes

Global financial markets declined in September, as interest rates increased and efforts to pass a large stimulus bill remained stalled. Global equity markets declined led by Technology, though declines were spread across most sectors and regions. US interest rates increased on expectations for reduction of bond purchases by the US Federal Reserve as signs inflation continued to build, while the US Dollar gained against most currencies. Energy led commodity gains with Natural Gas surging while Oil prices rose; Metals declines were led by Silver & Copper while Agricultural gains were led by Cotton & Lumber.
The HFRI-I Liquid Alternative UCITS Index posted a decline of -0.62% in September.

HFRI-I Equity Hedge Index declined -0.54%
HFRI-I Event Driven Index declined -0.20%
HFRI-I Macro Index posted a decline of -1.59%
HFRI-I Relative Value Arbitrage Index declined -0.29%

Comments reference performance as of September 30, 2021