HFRI 500 Hedge Fund Indices

Designed to reflect the performance of the largest and most liquid funds in the hedge fund industry.

HFRI® Indices

Broadly constructed indices designed to capture the breadth of hedge fund performance trends across all strategies and regions.

HFRX® Indices

Indices utilizing a rigorous quantitative selection process to represent the broader hedge fund universe. 

HFRX ESG Indices

Designed to track performance trends across a variety of ESG strategies.

HFRI-I Liquid Alternative UCITS Indices

Designed to reflect the performance of liquid alternative investment strategies compliant with established UCITS guidelines.

HFRU® Indices

Performance benchmarks comprised of alternative investment strategies compliant with established UCITS guidelines.

HFR Blockchain Indices

Indices are comprised of hedge funds investing in cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technologies.

HFRI 500 Investor Guidebook

The Investor Guidebook is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of the investable HFRI 500 Indices.


Review the characteristics that differentiate the various HFR Index families.

HFR Indices Licensing

Learn more about our HFR Index Direct licensing program.

ESMA Registration

HFR is an ESMA Registered Benchmark Administrator. 

HFR Database

Access our detailed database of thousands of hedge funds, fund of funds and managed futures investment products. Research Alternative UCITS funds and U.S. Liquid Alternatives. Analyze HFR Index constituents

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HFR IndexScope®

Research HFRI® Indices constituents using powerful data visualization technology.

HFR Dead Funds Database

Conduct long term studies on liquidated and non-reporting hedge funds. The HFR Dead Funds Database is the essential guide to over 21,000 alternative investment products that have liquidated or otherwise ceased reporting.

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HFR Investor Database

Access our detailed database of leading institutional investors in the hedge fund industry. Research endowments, foundations, pensions, wealth management firms and beyond.

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HFR Hedge Fund Strategy Classification System
Global Report

An essential guide for institutional investors and alternative asset managers, the HFR Global Hedge Fund Industry Report provides detailed information on current hedge fund trends and historical data.

Market Microstructure

HFR Market Microstructure Hedge Fund Industry Reports provide an extensive and sophisticated cross-sectional analysis of the hedge fund industry.

Asian Hedge Fund Report

Covering one of the fastest growing areas of the hedge fund industry, the HFR Asian Hedge Fund Industry Report provides exceptional region-specific analysis.

Emerging Markets Industry Report

Resourceful investment managers watch for rewarding opportunities in emerging markets. This HFR Industry Report provides analysis of the world of emerging market hedge funds.

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Industry insiders utilize our full set of HFR Industry Reports to gain a detailed picture of current trends and a historical perspective of the hedge fund industry.

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Institutional Standard

This bundled subscription of our most popular research publications will keep you on top of significant developments in the hedge fund industry.

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HFR IndexScope®

Research HFRI Indices constituents using powerful data visualization technology.


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HFR PortfolioScope® - For Investors

HFR provides investment professionals with timely, comprehensive, and customized views of their investments

Over 5,800 Funds

Over 5,800 Funds

Over 5,800 Alternative Investment Products

The HFR Database comprises over 5,800 hedge funds, funds of funds, managed futures, and liquid alternative investment products. Available for license by accredited investors, this database provides unique and expansive visibility into the world of hedge funds. Information on our hedge fund universe of established and emerging managers is collected directly from the fund managers or their designated agents.

Index Constituents Content Block

HFR Indices Constituents

Gain insight into the movements of the HFR Indices with detailed information on Index constituents. Currently-disclosed HFRI Index constituents are covered in HFR Database, and also HFRX constituents on a quarterly lagged basis.

Click here to request access through HFRDatabase.com. Constituent data requires a subscription, but you may apply for a trial through the above link to see if you are eligible for one.

HFR IndexScope is an upgrade available to current HFR Database subscribers that provides access to both current and historical constituents of the HFRI indices. Learn more.

HFR Database is available by subscription to accredited investors only. IndexScope includes constituents from January 1, 2008 forward.

Accurate Industry Data

Accurate Industry Data

Timely Data

HFR encourages reporting managers to report performance by the 15th of each month. We provide each reporting hedge fund firm with their own secure portal for updating their fund profile. In this manner, HFR provides managers with the means to deliver timely fund data that flows seamlessly from fund managers to our institutional clients.

Software Integration

Software Integration

Software Integration

We have partnered with a variety of analytical software vendors who have integrated the HFR Database into their systems.

Data Updates

Data Updates

Data Updates

Most HFR Database formats are updated three times per month. Each update includes fresh fund information, recently submitted by a broad spectrum of funds. New fund data is added by HFR staff or by reporting hedge fund firms. We do not carry third party databases inside of HFR. All data is gathered directly into the HFR Database.

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