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Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are investments made outside of the traditional asset classes, which are stocks, bonds, and cash investments. Alternative investments encompass a wide variety of assets from tangible assets such as art or precious metals to financial assets such as hedge funds, private equity, real estate, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Alternative Investments

Compared to traditional investments, alternative investments are typically less liquid, meaning they cannot be bought and sold as easily as traditional assets. Moreover, a majority of alternative investments are unregulated. Alternative investments are known to have low correlation with traditional asset classes, making them a useful tool for an individual or institutional investor to diversify their portfolio and hedge against risk. Although alternative investments are thought to be riskier than traditional asset classes, they can generate higher returns.

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Examples of HFR Indices that employ Alternative Investment strategies are listed below:  

    Monthly Performance for Apr 2024 Annualized Performance
Favorites Status Index Name ROR (%) Index Value YTD (%) Last 12M (%) Last 36M (%) Last 60M (%)
HFRI 500 Fund Weighted Composite Index -0.64 Value blurred out. 3.73 8.21 Value blurred out. Value blurred out.
HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index -0.54 Value blurred out. 1.96 4.77 Value blurred out. Value blurred out.
HFRI-I Liquid Alternative UCITS Index -0.70 Value blurred out. 2.30 7.07 Value blurred out. Value blurred out.
HFR Cryptocurrency Index -15.58 Value blurred out. 22.65 59.14 Value blurred out. Value blurred out.

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