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From the big picture to the nuanced details.

HFR provides the information that sophisticated investors and analysts require when evaluating alternative investment products.

HFR offers 300+ Indices

With 11 Index families comprising over 300 Indices, we cover all major hedge fund strategies & sub-strategies.

HFR has been the leader in hedge fund indexing for over 30 years.

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Comprehensive data access

Comprehensive access to the most complete and updated performance information available for client benchmarking and performance evaluation purposes

Effortless data integration

Custom Index Development

Rigorous index methodology – ESMA Benchmark Administrator

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A.I. Boom Boosts Tech Hedge Funds, CNBC Business News Reports

Another recent example of HFR’s powerful data helping inform the financial markets.

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11 Index Families Providing Unique Insights in the Market

Browse our dynamic array of industry-leading hedge fund index families.

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Benchmark with confidence

With over 300 Indices to choose from, there’s an index for every hedge fund investment strategy.

HFR is the leader in hedge fund indices, data and analysis. Our indices provide a lens into broad industry trends as well as niche strategies. HFR Indices are IOSCO compliant and are currently the only hedge fund indices that meet the stringent BMR standards of the European Securities and Markets Association (ESMA).

Why HFR Indices?

  • Long Term perspectives: 10, 20 and 30 year benchmark histories
  • Near Term insights: Daily and monthly Index performance reporting
  • Daily & Monthly Index performance
  • Customized index development
  • A 30 year track record of compiling robust indices implemented under a strict compliance guidelines.

Measure your performance against your peer group.

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